Tradition and Modernity, Current exhibition (June 26 - September 26, 2014)
In this sample, the works of the Tanzanian master, George Lilanga are shown together with the ritual art of Africa: Ashanti, Bambara, Bamileke, Baule, Dogon, Lobi, Mambila, Mumuye, Oromo and Yoruba. A selection of ethnic jewels also complete the exhibition.
You can appreciate the photos of Lilanga's works currently exhibited. ( Photos by Paco Lorca )

About George Lilanga Di Nyama (Tanzania 1934-2005)

Known as one of the most important African artists of the 20th century. He belonged to the Makonde culture of great sculptural tradition, he was a craftsman who discovered Art in a spontaneous way.
Master in two disciplines, he managed with perfection sculpture and painting. In his work were materialized the cosmovision and the mythology of the Makonde, present in the "Mapiko" dances that were executed by an infinity of "Shetanis" or representative spirits of the good and evil.
In the decade of the sixties he stands out as a carver, but at the beginning of the seventies he shines as a painter creating his own style marked by prominent figures with three fingers and a stylistic treatment that evokes the graffiti. This gave him a presence in numerous exhibitions and international collections.

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